Fashion Photographer in Copenhagen


I love to work with fashion photography, cause there are such many different ways to approach the task. Every model has a unique look and unique expressions - which makes it a creative and challenging task, that I truly love.

Grow Your Fan Base Through Strong Photos

The very best way to inspire people to follow your brand is through photos. Your vision is important, and we will show it through the photographs that we will take: we will capture what makes your brand unique.

That will help you gain success through social media, where people get attracted by strong visuals with a personal touch. 

Experienced Fashion Photographer in Copenhagen

I have worked with several labels in Copenhagen, which gives me the experience I need for working in fashion photography. I have always loved to take photos of people, cause I love the task of capturing their identity into a series of photos.

Together we will be able to create photographs that engage your audience and potential customers - which in the long run will generate sales.

Fashion Photography Examples

To give you an idea of what I am capable of, I will show you some of my favorite photos that relate to fashion photography. You can see them right here.

Fashion Photography Prices

As the given task always will be unique, I do not work with fixed prices. It is important for the final product that it represents your brand. I respect the uniqueness of your brand, and I will always seek a solution that fits your need.

So instead of giving prices, I would much rather take a dialogue with you about which solution fits your needs the best. You can reach me at 31 20 21 11 or at

Thank you, Martina, for making our day special! You treated our worries and questions with understanding and care. We always felt support from your side as well as professionalism. At the day of our wedding it has been raining cats and dogs but we still have had the most wonderful experience. You managed to grasp our true selves and created magic memories we enjoy to return to.
— Irina