Portrait Photographer in Copenhagen


Are you looking for a professional portrait photo? Don’t worry. I’ve got you covered!

My name is Martina Lanotta, and I am a professional portrait photographer based in Copenhagen.

Taking great pictures is much more than having the right gear and pressing a button. It is having a deep understanding of how lights and colours are captured by the lense, how to work with people and bring out the best of them, and how to use high-tech software to post-edit the photos to perfection. Not to mention the psychology skills it requires: everybody feels a bit awkward in front of the camera, but with me you can feel safe. I will guide you through it.

Portrait Photography in Copenhagen

My photographs capture your personality and character. You will get a portrait photo, where you look great and natural. That's what makes a skilled professional portrait photographer stand out from the crowd!

Here are some examples of type of the portraits I do:

  • Portraits for companies

  • Portraits for resumes and LinkedIn

  • Individual portraits

  • Family portraits

Company Portraits

Portrait pictures of your team can be an important part of your business’ success. Showing off the faces of your employees on your website shows transparency and gives your brand a personal edge. Customers like to know they are talking to real people.

With creative and inventive portrait photos, you can stand out from the crowd and show off your company’s personality through:

  • Team portraits

  • Individual portraits

  • In–action shots while working

  • Professional Portraits

Do you need a professional photo for your resume or LinkedIn profile? I will make sure you look your best to impress: what does your photo say about you? Does it show trust, professionalism and approachability?

Shooting for a professional portrait can be intimidating for some people. One of the things I take most pride in is making my photoshoots a fun and relaxing experience. This way I will bring out the best of your personality to the photo. You will come across as confident and inspiring to your future employers and/or business partners.

Couples and engagement portraits

There are all kinds of reasons to have a portrait of you, as a couple, taken: it could be for an engagement, for a Christmas card, for whatever reason. Whether it’s in nature, in the city or in the cozyness of your home, we can create a collection of images of you that will look natural and spontaneous.

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Phone: +45 3120 2111
Email: info@marlanph.com

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Thank you, Martina, for making our day special! You treated our worries and questions with understanding and care. We always felt support from your side as well as professionalism. At the day of our wedding it has been raining cats and dogs but we still have had the most wonderful experience. You managed to grasp our true selves and created magic memories we enjoy to return to.
— Irina