According to the ancient myths, Ambrosia is the food of Greek gods, said to bestow immortality.

I haven't got tired yet of telling anyone the story of that magnificent wedding I shot in Sicily a few weeks ago, probably because it was the most beautiful wedding I have ever seen. Every thing was just perfect, not too much and not too little: the venue, the food, the atmosphere, the bride’s anxiety, my camera’s batteries.
And it was so easy to fall in love with Sicily, again.
Imagine flying from Copenhagen to Catania, to find a wonderful sun and the volcano in eruption, the taste of the sea and the smell of the fruit.
Imagine the market stalls in the streets, plenty of fresh tuna.
Imagine a timeless land, where you can breathe ancient Greece, Islamic culture and the ruins of the Spanish Empire at once.
You wouldn't get tired of that, would you?