Beware of the dog

Pompeii was a small Roman town buried under meters of volcanic ash in AD 79.
It was rediscovered in the 18th century. 
The lack of air and moisture partly preserved the town.

Today I went to visit some venues for a wedding I’m going to shoot at the end of the month in Copenhagen.
The restaurant where the party will be held is a cosy place on the ramparts of the canals in Christianshavn.
As I was about to walk in, I stepped on the perfect copy of an ancient mosaic found in a house in Pompeii.
I looked at it for a very long moment, and suddenly all the years spent studying Latin hit my mind: I could hear the sound of the chalk on the blackboard and smell the old books, and I could remember all the hours walking in my room, saying the Latin verbs out loud, to remember them better.
I thought about Rome. About its everlasting culture and its legacy. I thought about the timeless myths, as ancient as history. About the story of an empire that lasted a thousand years.
But also the time spent to pass that Latin exam felt like forever.