I've become a foodie

“Don’t marry someone who doesn’t love food, they won’t understand the pleasures of life”
Cit. my grandma

I love good food.
Let me say that again: I love good food.
I really believe that a great meal is an absolute pleasure, as much as sex.
That’s why restaurant photography and food related events are a big part of my portfolio.
Going to restaurants as a photographer, I noticed that I was getting to know new people, and that I had the chance to taste new things and new flavours, from all over the world. Quite easy in a cosmopolitan city like Copenhagen.
But food is not just about food. 
We often forget that the food culture is such a big part of our daily life: without food we can’t survive, and we’ve managed to make it a true pleasure. Not only that: food involves traditions, habits, values; it can be a symbol of social status and religious belief, and it can tell a lot about a community.
It’s so interesting that I’m getting hungry again.

Oh, by the way, I had the best ramen soup ever last weekend, you can check it out here.

Petit déjeuner

“The marvels of daily life are exciting: no movie director can arrange the unexpected that you find in the street” (Robert Doisneau)

Working as event photographer in Copenhagen I have had the pleasure of seeing parts of the city I had never been before. Among these, a former industrial site in the harbour, Refshaleøen. 
I was taking photos of a private reception at a beach bar called Halvandet. 
It was sunny and warm, and I was drinking a glass of iced water. Then I saw this scene and dropped my glass to take a picture of it: one of the waiters setting the table on the dock.
In a fraction of a second all the photos of Robert Doisneau were played in my mind, and I felt like being in France in the 30s.
But then I looked at the broken glass at my feet.