Event Photographer in Copenhagen


If you are looking for a passionate, dedicated and creative photographer you might just have found what you're searching for. My name is Martina Lanotte, I am from Italy but now located in Copenhagen, working as an event photographer.

Professional Event Photos Helps Your Business

I have two main goals when I work as an event photographer. One is to capture the whole experience into a series of images - the other is to capture those small unique details that make your event unique.

When holding an event, it is important to promote it afterwards - as it can be an essential part of telling your company’s story. With a well-captured series of images from the event, your company can reach even further. It will help you in order to establish better relations with clients and partners and to attract attention for potential clients and business partners.

For All Kinds of Events

I do event photography for all kind of events. Normally the word "Event" is associated with corporate/business events, where a business is inviting clients, partners and/or employees to celebrate a certain milestone or facilitate a workshop.

Examples can be:

  • Business Dinners

  • Networking Events

  • Product Launches

  • Holiday Parties

  • Seminars

  • Charity Events

  • Trade Shows

Experienced Event Photographer in Copenhagen

As I am based in Copenhagen, I do most of the event photography in areas around Copenhagen. I really love working as a photographer here, ‘cause there are so many fascinating people, businesses, and stories to capture.

I have many years of experience in all kind of photography - which of course also includes event photography. My experience allows me to be in the right place at the right time - to capture those important moments from the event.

Event Photography Pricing

Each event has its own uniqueness, so giving a price before knowing your needs wouldn't make much sense. I, of course, do offer fixed prices, so it's easy to calculate into budgets. But I would like to talk about your wishes, before giving that price.

Parameters that might affect the price are location, event size (number of participants), duration, and which happenings there will be at the event.

Let's Have a Talk About Your Event!

I am always interested in discussing the opportunities for your event and give my point of view on how to approach the photography-part of the event. You can reach me at 31 20 21 11 or at info@marlanph.com.

Thank you, Martina, for making our day special! You treated our worries and questions with understanding and care. We always felt support from your side as well as professionalism. At the day of our wedding it has been raining cats and dogs but we still have had the most wonderful experience. You managed to grasp our true selves and created magic memories we enjoy to return to.
— Irina