People and Lifestyle Photographer in Copenhagen


My name is Martina Lanotte and I am a passionate portrait photographer: capturing the essence and the uniqueness of each person is - for me - the core of my own profession, and I always find fascinating the process of creating photographs that reflect both the personality and the brand they are representing.

Experienced People and Lifestyle Photographer

I have been involved in many projects within portraiture, and I’m fully aware of the importance of experience in this field, as it is the photographer’s role to catch the personality of the subject in the most natural way.

I have worked with both professional models and people that are not used to be in front of the camera, and I’ve learned how to make people feel comfortable during the entire process.

Some Examples of My Work

Here below you can find some portraits of the people I have had the chance to work with, through my years as a photographer in Copenhagen.

You can see more samples here.

All Kinds of Portrait Photography

We all need photos for different reasons, whether is for work or for personal memories. Mostly though, it’s companies that are in need of professional portraits to use on their website or in other types of presentation material.

Examples of portrait photography could be:

  • Employee profile photos

  • People in their daily working environment

  • Fashion photography with professional models

  • Artist portfolios

People and Lifestyle Photography Pricing

Each assignment requires a different approach, and therefore I won't be able to give you one single price for a portrait. Instead, we can talk about your specific needs and together we can find the solution that will suit you the most.

More Than "Just Photography"

I am not only the person who takes photos for you: there is a whole creative process to take care of, and I can help you creating the best image for you own message, according to your purpose, whether is branding, advertising, promoting, documenting and so on.

Your insight, your values and your ideas will be portrayed in the very best way, in order to attract people’s attention.

Should We Get in Touch?

I am very interested in hearing about your next project and in helping you creating the images you want. If you’d like to hear my ideas, you can contact me at 31 20 21 11 or at

Thank you, Martina, for making our day special! You treated our worries and questions with understanding and care. We always felt support from your side as well as professionalism. At the day of our wedding it has been raining cats and dogs but we still have had the most wonderful experience. You managed to grasp our true selves and created magic memories we enjoy to return to.
— Irina