Wedding Photographer in Copenhagen


My name is Martina Lanotte and I am a passionate wedding photographer. Such a beautiful day is for most people a "once-in-a-lifetime-moment" and having those precious moments preserved forever is priceless. My goal is to give you the best memories of your special day.

Capturing the Essence of Your Wedding

It is my job during the day to make you feel like I wasn't even there, when you look at the photos though you will know that I was everywhere: I will always be discrete to be able to catch real-life-moments instead of people posing. Many years of experience as a wedding photographer in Copenhagen and in Italy taught me how to best capture all the important moments of your special day.

This could be moments like:

  • Walking towards the altar

  • Giving the rings and the ceremonial kiss

  • Leaving the church embraced by family and friends

  • The throwing of rice or flowers

  • Entering and driving away in the wedding vehicle

  • Cutting and tasting the first piece of the wedding cake

  • Gift unpacking

  • Throwing the wedding bouquet

  • The beautiful table settings

  • Memorable speeches

  • Wedding dance

  • Late evening dancing and partying

Wedding Photography Examples

Below here you can have a look at some of my favourite images from weddings where I had the pleasure of being the wedding photographer.

You can see more samples here.

Tailored Solutions for Your Wedding

Even though weddings can consist of some of the same events I understand the uniqueness of each wedding. That will be reflected in the collection of photos you will receive. We will meet up prior the wedding to discuss your ideas and dreams, and to know what makes your wedding unique and which moments should get an extra focus.

We can also discuss which parts of your wedding you want me to be a part of.

Normally wedding parts can be divided into the following:

  • Preparation

  • Ceremony at the church

  • Portraits

  • Reception

  • Dinner and speeches

  • Wedding dance

  • Party

Normally I recommend people to have a wedding photographer all the way from the beginning to the end - as this will include all the important moments of your wedding.

Price for Wedding Photography

Since every wedding is for me a unique event that calls for a unique product, it is not possible to give one price, that will cover all weddings. Therefore I would much rather take a short talk over the phone to come up with a price for your wedding.

However, be assured that:

  • The price covers everything from shooting the photos to delivering them edited

  • You receive images in both colors and black and white.

  • You get every single image - no limits on the amount

Let’s talk about your wedding

I would be more than happy to discuss what’s the perfect solution for your wedding. You can reach me at 31 20 21 11 or at

Thank you, Martina, for making our day special! You treated our worries and questions with understanding and care. We always felt support from your side as well as professionalism. At the day of our wedding it has been raining cats and dogs but we still have had the most wonderful experience. You managed to grasp our true selves and created magic memories we enjoy to return to.
— Irina

Let’s talk about your wedding

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